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Tracked Down

I am quite used to getting regular correspondence from the Development Office of my Oxford college, which is essentially a plea for money thinly disguised as a news update. It’s becoming an accepted part of “giving back” for the education I received – and seeing that I was at University before the days of student loans, let alone course fees, I reckon I got a very good deal. I do feel sorry for today’s students who will graduate with a huge amount of debt, and I fully understand why the college is so keen to milk its alumni for all it can get.

Today though there was a surprising addition to the genre. I received a full-colour newsletter from the Development Office of the Royal Grammar School, Worcester. But I didn’t even go there! In my day, the RGS was a boys-only grammar school, and I attended the girls’ school next door. Literally next door, in that there was a high wall between the two schools and fraternisation was completely forbidden! But in 2007 the schools merged and the wall came down. Well, I say merged, and that’s the official story. From what I heard at the time, it was more of a hostile take-over, made inevitable by the RGS going fully co-educational and attracting many of the pupils who would naturally otherwise have gone to the girls’ school.

I have had very little to do with the school since I left thirty years ago. I most certainly didn’t join the Old Girls’ Association, and as far as I know have never given them my contact details. So I was somewhat surprised to have been tracked down! I suppose it helps that I’m still fairly local, and that I didn’t change my name when I got married. There was a covering letter from the Development Manager saying that he hoped that his detective work had been successful, and that I was indeed connected with the school. To date, apparently, he’s tracked down over 1500 Old Boys and Girls from the two schools, and of course sent them pleas for money in the guise of a newsletter!….. Note to self – make sure to tick the box on the Electoral Roll form this year to get myself removed from the open register! I’m not sure I like being tracked down so easily! And I won’t be availing myself of the opportunity provided to “shop” those of my school-friends with whom I’m still in touch, and get them put onto the ever-expanding database!

Having said that, it was moderately interesting hearing about how the school is getting on, and seeing photos of the Hole in the Wall between the two school campuses, situated next to what in my day was the gym hall and science labs. Even if the final eight pages of the newsletter were devoted to ways you can donate to the school!

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  1. pauld | 22 September 2015 at 6:32 pm | Permalink

    Ah, the good old days of student grants. When you could leave in credit, go back and do another degree and leave in even more credit, put down a deposit on first property and buy a new car all with cash !