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Solvent fumes

I am very impressed with the surgical precision of the drain re-lining operation. It really was reminiscent of keyhole surgery, up to and including an endoscope! However, there is one rather unpleasant side-effect, and that’s the fumes from the solvent used to harden the resin-impregnated liner. They’ve been escaping via the plug-holes and permeating the house. For some reason, the smell in my en-suite bathroom is the worst, though that is in fact the furthest from where the work was done.

I’ve had the windows open as much as I can bear to get a draught through the house to clear the fumes, so it’s annoying that the weather has suddenly turned bitterly cold again. I found the window in the en-suite had seized shut over the winter, and had to bash it hard with the rolling pin to get it to open! Then of course I had to bash it again when it was time to force it closed before going to work. Fortunately, I got the bathroom fan fixed a few weeks ago, so I can put that on to keep the air circulating.

I keep thinking the smell is gradually getting better, but that is at least partly due to my nose getting accustomed to it and ceasing to detect it. Coming back home from work this afternoon it hit me in the face as I opened the front door. I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no way I could ever become a glue-sniffer. I wouldn’t get high at all, but just would come down with a stinking headache!