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Dodgy Damp Patch

It’s been pouring with rain, seemingly for weeks. I’m so glad that I got the garden sorted two years ago, as at least I don’t have to worry about getting home after a downpour and finding the terraces in a muddy heap in my kitchen! And I’m far enough up the Malvern Hills that if I ever got flooded, I’d be able to hitch a lift from a latter-day Noah on a passing ark. But I haven’t managed to escape the consequences of the biblical-level deluges we’ve been having recently. There is a highly suspicious-looking damp patch on the ceiling of my spare room. I think it’s probably the case that a tile has slipped. At least, I hope it’s no more serious than that. But my reliable builder is so busy at the moment with much more serious problems (there are people in Worcester and the surrounding villages coping with flooding) that it’s going to take me a while to get to the top of his priority list. I’m hoping that it’s nothing serious, and that a week or so’s delay won’t be a problem. But if the damp patch starts spreading I will have to consider getting someone else in to have a look at it. And the ceiling is clearly going to need repainting once the leak has been fixed. Sigh. More expense.