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Bathroom Chaos

My house has been in an ongoing state of chaos for the last week – I’m having yet more work done on it. This time, it’s the main bathroom, which has barely been touched since we moved in over fifteen years ago. We had it rewired, along with the rest of the house, as soon as we moved in, as the original rubber-insulated wiring was downright dangerous. And we slapped a coat of paint on the walls to cover up the particularly unpleasant shade of turquoise that the previous owners had chosen. Apart from that, we left it as we found it, as we had higher priorities for our limited renovation budget.

I decided back in January that this would be the year that I finally dragged the bathroom out of the mid-1950’s and brought it more up to date. I don’t need or want a whole new suite – the crack in the sink is barely noticeable and there’s nothing wrong with the bath. Earlier in the year I had an extractor fan fitted, a new loo (to replace the one that kept dripping) and a heated towel rail – but each of those were only one-day jobs. Now though I’m going for the biggie – Rob my trusty decorator has been re-tiling all this week, and will be grouting and repainting for much of next week. I absolutely hated the tasteless turquoise flowered tiles that the previous owners had used as a highlight in the bathroom – more of a lowlight in my opinion. So I’m very glad to see the back of them, despite the chaos. I’ve chosen some fairly plain marble-effect white tiles, and already it’s looking much better.

When the bathroom is finished next week, that will mean that every room in the house has finally been updated at least once. Which probably means that it’s time to start afresh from the beginning!