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Teutonic Germs

One unanticipated side-effect from my trip to Germany is that I’ve come down with an absolutely stinking cold. It started on Saturday evening, and bearing in mind the standard incubation period for such things, I’m convinced that I picked it up either at the conference or on the plane home. I was meant to be giving blood this afternoon, but had to phone the Vampires and cancel, as there is no way I’m fit to donate. It’s extremely inconvenient timing at work too – it’s Bidding Season again, that time of the year when I am generally up to my neck in writing bids for new projects, and I really can’t afford the time to be off sick. But then again, I certainly won’t be popular if I spread these highly efficient Teutonic germs around the office. So I’m trying to find a compromise, working long days when I have to, in order to produce a draft of the bid, but taking it easier when it’s other people’s turn to read, review, and comment on my work-in-progress.

At least the end is in sight. The bid is due in early next week, and I hope my cold will be over by then too.

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  1. David A | 2 October 2013 at 8:41 pm | Permalink

    It might be home-grown – I’ve had a nasty cold here for the last 2 weeks – slow to arrive and slow to disappear 🙁