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Status check

Since it’s very nearly the end of the year, I thought it would be instructive to look back at my New Year Resolutions from a year ago, to see how things turned out.

They were, in no particular order:

  • Fixing the leak in the porch roof, which drips every time it rains – hmm. Still ongoing, and not for want of trying. It seems to get better each time the builders have another go at it, but I’m really not convinced it’s fixed.
  • Getting the kitchen decorated – yes – done in January. And patched up again in October after the chimney leaked causing a stain…..
  • Starting to plant some interesting climbers on the terraces in the garden – Work in progress. Carol and Mark have been very helpful, and I now have a gardener coming regularly to keep on top of the weeding. I can’t do much during the winter, but Carol and I will shortly be making plans for the Spring….
  • Increasing my hours at work – but in a sustainable way, so that I avoid an exhaustion-triggered collapse – No, completely failed to do this. In fact, I had a letter from HR just last week confirming that I’ve been moved onto permanent part-time working, the flexi-time equivalent of a three-day (22.5) hour week.
  • Scattering some more of Christopher’s ashes somewhere interesting – the Tiber in Rome was certainly interesting, and I have other plans as well. There are plenty of ashes left, so I shall have to keep thinking of more places to scatter them. Work in progress.
  • Keeping on blogging – yes!

So that’s two unconditional “yes”, three “ongoing work in progress”, and a “no”. A bit of a mixed bag, but I suppose there’s no real point in making resolutions that are trivial to keep.