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Mean time between tradesmen

It seems to have been an ongoing theme all year that I’ve been unable to last more than about ten days between tradesmen visiting to fix something on or in the house. I thought I’d maybe broken that trend, as I’ve not had a single tradesman here since the visit from Tim the pest controller over a month ago. But then today I had two visiting in one day, so I reckon that my Mean Time Between Tradesmen is still close to its long term average!

The first visit of the day in fact started before I even got up. Martin, the window-cleaner, made an early start on washing down and scrubbing clean all of the exterior woodwork, and cleaning out my gutters while he was up there. The whole lot had got grubby with green mould, and was looking distinctly shabby. He had originally planned to do the job several months ago,  but the weather has been so atrocious that we have kept postponing it. I left him cleaning the soffit boards and barge boards above the living room when I went to work, and when I came home the house looked like it had been newly painted, there was such a striking difference.

The second visit was late this afternoon. For many months now my porch roof has been leaking every time it rains – so that means it’s pretty much a daily occurrence – and I finally decided I need to do something about it. It’s not so much that a leaky porch is a problem in itself, but I can see that some of the woodwork is rotting as a result, and I really don’t want the rot to spread to the rafters on the adjoining roof over my living room, as that would be very expensive.  Of course, the trouble with inviting a joiner round to suck his teeth over a job is that he sees other things that also need fixing – such as that the porch door is hanging at an angle, the porch itself is coming away from the house, and the whole thing needs stabilising and the door re-hanging.

While he was here, I also asked him to quote for replacing the kitchen window. I’ve disliked that window ever since we moved in here. It’s the only window in the house which is aluminium rather than wood, the double glazing seal has blown so there is condensation between the panes, and (which is the most annoying) the locks and fittings are positioned so that I have to stand on a chair to open the casements. I asked the joiner to quote for a double-glazed hardwood window with fixings low enough that I can reach them by stretching over the sink without standing on a chair.

I’ll have to wait and see whether I can afford both the porch and a new window, though the porch is the higher priority if it comes to a choice. I can feel some more overtime coming on to pay for it all!