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All a matter of timing…..

At ten past two on Saturday afternoon, a white-van-load of builders left, leaving behind a beautifully repointed chimney and a rather large invoice. At half past two, the heavens opened – and my porch leaked yet again! Clearly, they haven’t yet managed to fix it, though to be fair it now only appears to leak in a downpour, rather than in any type or amount of rain.

At nine o’clock this morning I was on the phone to the builders saying “About this invoice……..”  I don’t want to be unreasonable, and obviously I’ve no objection to paying for work that has been done satisfactorily. But I am getting very fed up with the fact that I’ve spent a lot of money on the porch, and it’s still not water-tight. I’ve said that I will pay most of Saturday’s invoice, but will withhold a proportion of it until the porch survives a heavy rain shower without forming puddles.

That seems to have concentrated their minds. I came home from work early this afternoon to show two builders exactly where the leak is happening. I don’t want to risk marking my gleaming new paintwork with Post-It notes, as the colour bleeds when it gets wet. So I have instead marked the wet spots on the floor-tiles with sticky orange dots. It looks like the porch floor has a bad attack of measles! They’ve had yet another go at sealing it, and plan to pop back here next time it rains heavily when they’re doing a job in Malvern, in the hope of catching the leak in action.

This saga could run and run!

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  1. pauld | 17 October 2012 at 7:19 pm | Permalink

    sounds like you need to get your contracts and legal dept into action and maybe threaten to remove them from your list of preferred supliers as well as inform them of your intention to tell all your friends of this, that might also focus their minds a little.