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Yet more work on the roof

I admit that I’m struggling somewhat at the moment. It’s really hard to motivate myself to get out of bed in the morning, even though work is so busy right now. I am just so tired that all I want to do is curl up in bed and stay there. But that’s not an acceptable option, so I’m re-using the tried-and-tested method of making sure I get up in the morning, by arranging to have yet more work done on the house. That way I need to be up, and preferably washed & dressed, by the time the workmen get here.  I never thought I’d be grateful that this old house has so many things that need putting right! By the time I finally get through the anniversary of Christopher’s death, the house is going to be in better shape than it has been for decades!

Today I had the previous builder back to do more work on the roof. Last time he was here replacing some missing and badly shaled tiles on part of the roof, he pointed out that valley tiles on the left hand valley below the chimney were in very poor condition.  I’m not particularly trusting when it comes to statements like that from people who have something to gain, but when I had a look from the vantage point at the top of the garden, I could see clearly what he meant. Surprisingly, the tiles on the corresponding valley on the  right hand side were fine. Either something to do with the prevailing wind, or the previous owner had them replaced at some point, as I’m sure we haven’t. He couldn’t do anything about it at the time, as it needed specially-shaped tiles which (of course….) cost extra. But it was one of those jobs that is better done sooner rather than later, especially if we have another hard winter like the last two.

So we agreed a price and he came back today to replace 22 valley tiles with reclaimed ones. In fact, the job was easier than he had feared, and it didn’t take as long as he had planned, so he actually knocked some money off the job – it’s not often that a builder’s job comes in below the estimate!

I’ve got another builder lined up to do a small job on Thursday, when I have a meeting about the major ongoing bid that I absolutely mustn’t miss. So that ought to ensure that I actually get out of bed that day……