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One leak fixed, one to go

I’d arranged to work at home on Tuesday so that Tony could fix my dripping hot water tank. But when I was still having my breakfast that morning, I got a phone call to say that the supplier had delivered the wrong part, again. So we rearranged for Wednesday. I’d run out of sensible things I could work on from home by then, so had to take leave to cover it. That’s something that is much harder now I’m on my own – previously I could share the time off with Chris, and usually one of us could afford the time away from the office.

On Wednesday morning Tony turned up with the right part – at the third time of asking – and fixed the leaking hot water tank. Thankfully, it no longer seems to be dripping onto an electrical junction box, and the salad crisper has been stood down from drip-catching duties. But it turns out that this leak was merely masking another problem. The pressure overflow system is still dripping gently into the overflow pipe, which is the symptom I had noticed in the first place. That requires a new bladder, which inevitably Tony didn’t have available. So he has taken the installation instructions away with him so that he can order (hopefully!) the correct part first time. The heating and hot water is safe to use in the meantime, but I expect him back next week to fix the second leak.

I was challenged in a comment on a previous post to manage ten workman-free days between now and Christmas. Somehow, I don’t think I’ve got off to a good start……