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After Christopher died I scrapped our old Polo via and was very impressed with the service. I got rid of an old and virtually worthless car with virtually no effort on my part, it was disposed of legally, and a charity of my choice, St Richard’s Hospice, got a donation. In my view it was a true “win-win” situation.

My mother mentioned the story to some of her colleagues at work. And they told their friends and neighbours, who passed it on to their friends and so on.  I heard last week that as a direct result of that word-of-mouth, at least ten people so far have scrapped their old bangers through giveacar, and in each case they donated the proceeds to their local hospice. So hospices right across Kent (where my parents live) and the south of England, as far afield as Brighton I’m told, have benefited financially from the scrapped cars.

I was very pleased when I heard that. It’s not often one hears feedback like that, and I find it really encouraging and helpful to know that some good is coming of this whole ghastly situation.

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  1. Mantina | 11 July 2011 at 1:49 pm | Permalink

    On a similar note
    Some thanks from a collegue who lost her dad and needed some information on how to deal with his estate. I pointed her to the right entry on the blog and she found the informaiton very useful.
    Thanks Gillian
    Keep doing the best you can 🙂