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Bits keep seizing up and dropping off

In this case, I am in fact talking about the perils of living in a Victorian cottage, which requires ongoing maintenance. But I could equally well be talking about myself at the moment – I feel about ten years older than I did before Chris was taken ill.

At least it’s moderately easy to do something about the house, though it does take more time and effort than I can spare at the moment. So I’ve “got a man in” again to sort things out. Rob the painter has been here for the past two days, repainting the porch door. It got very heavily weathered during all the snow last winter, the paint was peeling off it in large patches, and the woodwork was starting to rot. So I thought that it was worth getting it fixed before it goes too far and becomes really expensive. It’s been beautiful weather for the past week, but as soon as Rob turned up on Wednesday morning, it started raining…….

The locks on the garage doors and the summer house have well and truly seized up, and neither WD40 nor 3-in-1 will shift them. My sister’s boyfriend put a huge bolt on the garage doors last time they visited, which was a big help, as I can at least now open the garage. But although the house is secure, I would like to be able to get into the garage without going outside and getting wet. So I’ve arranged for a locksmith to come early next week and see what he can do to get things working again, particularly the internal door between the house and garage.