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…and relax

I’ve been pretty tense for the last few weeks. What with dealing with the anniversary of Christopher’s death, and working flat out on a major bid at work, things have been rather stressful at both home and work. Mind you, I don’t mean to complain about having to work hard – it’s been very good for me to have something tangible to concentrate on. But I’ve certainly felt the tension building in my neck and shoulders, culminating in a three-day migraine this week. Nasty.

So this afternoon after work I had a back, neck and head massage. My back was so studded with knots that it felt like corrugated cardboard, and my scalp felt like I was wearing a swimming-cap three sizes too small. But as the massage progressed, I could feel the tension easing out of my shoulders and I started to relax for the first time in several weeks. By the time the hour was up, my back felt better than it has for ages, and after all that stretching I swear I’m at least half an inch taller than I was! I hope the new relaxed me means I’ll sleep well tonight.