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A roof back over my head

It took three workmen two and a half days to mend my roof, finishing yesterday (Saturday). Apparently, times are so bad out there that they have to work a six-day week and Bank Holidays to keep the business going.

They replaced about a metre’s worth of rotten  rafters all the way up the pitch of the roof above the bathroom. They told me that the original Victorian sawdust insulation between the rafters was still there!  It seems to work well enough though – I always have long-lasting snow on my roof, even with the central heating going full blast inside.  They’ve primed all the woodwork, ready for the painter, whom I already had booked to come back in July.

I’m not looking forward to getting the invoice, but at least I’ve got a (hopefully sound) intact roof back before the heavy rain that is promised for tomorrow. The outside light doesn’t work any more though -they had to unscrew it to replace the wood it was attached to, and I suspect that water got in at that point. Or the bulb just blew. I may have a look tomorrow and see if it’s as simple as changing the bulb. If not it will have to go on The List of things to do.