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{ Monthly Archives } April 2010

Cycle 4 week 2 status

I’ve had quite a boring and dull week this week, although it definitely improved as it wore on. It started badly with me experiencing a temperature spike and being taken into hospital. They found nothing too alarming, which was ecouraging, so they sent me home again with instructions to Gillian to keep a sharp eye […]


A couple of days ago I went in as usual to have my bag changed, except that between detaching the old bag and re-attaching the new bag I was scheduled to have an MRI scan. Not only that, the previous week I had had a bone scan, whose results I hoped to talk about with […]


Two of my cancer blogger friends have posted recently that things aren’t going too well for them. Joan is in the middle of an unpleasant cycle, suffering from unpleasant tinglings and loss of taste, while Jeanne has had a nasty GI infection that left her with no appetite, and eventually dehydrated her enough that she […]

Spending the evening in hospital

By Gillian Today (or technically, I suppose, yesterday since it’s now gone midnight) was Easter Monday, a public holiday, so I had a day off work. We had talked about going out for the day, visiting a local place of interest or even just going for a walk on the Malvern Hills. However, Chris felt […]

Cycle 4 week 1 status

I think the kindest description for this week is that it has been rough but with some good points. There was the terrible uncertainty of when, and sometimes even whether cycle 4 would ever start. Of course it did, and I went into hospital on Tuesday evening, kindly driven by Fabienne, which took a burden […]

A trip to the theatre

By Gillian I was reading our local paper last night, and saw that there was a good review of a play at the Malvern Theatres. Tom Conti (of Shirley Valentine fame for those of us of a certain age) was starring in a comedy “Wife after Death” by Eric Chappell. I thought that we could […]

A very busy day

By Gillian Today Chris had four hospital appointments in two hospitals in two separate counties. A very busy day! He started the day in the Oncology ward at Cheltenham hospital, where he has been for the last two nights having his fourth cycle of chemotherapy. I drove down there to pick him up, arriving at […]