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{ Monthly Archives } January 2010

Paramedic called out

By Gillian on behalf of Chris Chris has asked me to update his blog for him.  He has been feeling grotty & weak all day, so has spent almost all of the day in bed. We were getting very low on food and I’ve been raiding the freezer. The main roads are passable now, and […]

Snowed in

Eight inches of snow fell overnight, quite effectively blocking us in. This was a nuisance because I was supposed to be meeting the oncologist today. I phoned the hospital and asked whether the meeting could be done over the phone, and yippee! it could. About an hour and a half later, he phoned and we […]


Into hospital early today, without food or drink, for the fitting of a stent into my bile duct, and hence curing the obstructive jaundice. As we guessed, the duct was blocked by an enlarged lymph node. The upside was that it was possible to use a stent to cure it. The downside is that now […]

Busy week

Today was the hectic first day of what will probably turn out to be a busy week. Two appointments at the specialist chemo unit, one was for a kidney function test, which I need to pass if I am to go onto the cisplatin part of ECF. The second appointment was a pre-chemo meeting to […]

Emotional rollercoaster

Just over three months ago I was made redundant (laid off; bought out, whatever). I had been working for my company for nearly 18 years, and as it was an ex-civil service organisation the redundancy terms were excellent. I was given enough money to give me three years at my current standard of living to […]

Oesophageal cancer: treatment

So, after finding out that cancer is there, and that it’s inoperable, what is the treatment? Chemotherapy. It hasn’t started yet, but at the moment the plan is that I will have three rounds of three weeks of a triple-prescription known as ECF. One of those will be on a continuously pumped drip, so I […]