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Worcester Flood

We’ve had a lot of rain lately. An awful lot of rain, particularly in the Welsh mountains that feed the local rivers, which then flood several days later. The river Severn has been particularly badly affected, and the flood defences have been tested to the extreme. Malvern is too high to be directly affected, but we have effectively been an island as all the main routes across the Severn, Wye and Teme have been flooded.

Worcester in flood – view towards the Cathedral

I was on the train back from London on Saturday, and this was the view from the railway viaduct, as we crossed the Severn. The view to the south, towards the Cathedral, was pretty flooded (above).

Worcester in flood – view across the racecourse

However, the view on the other side was much worse – it’s hard to tell where the racecourse ends and the river starts! And this was several days after the peak of the floods – it was even worse the previous week.