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A College Lunch

As the Senior Engineering Scholar at my Oxford college, I get invited back  for the annual “Lubbock Dinner”, named in honour of the founder of the trust fund that supports engineering education at the college. I don’t manage to go every year, but this year was special as it was my tutor’s 90th birthday. The college decided to hold a celebratory lunch on Saturday, and invited all the engineers he had taught over his long career. I wasn’t going to miss that!

About 60 of us turned up, including three from my year. We must have been the last year he taught before he retired, as we were the youngest in the room, with the exception of the current Engineering Scholars from the 3rd and 4th year undergraduates, who were also invited. We all met for pre-lunch pink champagne in the Senior Common Room – only the second time I’ve been invited there, as it was totally out of bounds when I was a student! Then we all moved next door to the SCR dining room for a three course lunch with more wine.

I knew some of the people in the years above me from the annual scholars’ dinner, but there were lots of new faces too, plus one that was very familiar – a colleague from work who turned out to be a few years senior to me. About a year ago I noticed him at work making his way to the canteen wearing a tie that looked strangely familiar. I stopped him and asked if it was our college tie, to which he replied that he’d been wearing it once a week for the past ten years, and I was the first person who had ever commented! He introduced me to some of the people in his year, who were new to me.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable occasion. It was great to catch up with my friends from my own year, and to see my old tutor again. He was on fine form – I hope I’m as with it as him should I reach 90!