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Exeter Cathedral

Exeter Cathedral

Mullion is far too far away for me to consider driving myself there. It’s also rather difficult to get to by public transport. From Mullion, I caught a bus via Helston to Redruth (a journey of well over an hour, though the scenery was lovely and you get a good view over the hedges due to sitting higher than in a car). Then it was several hours on a train to Exeter. It’s at least another three hours from Exeter back home to Malvern via Bristol and Cheltenham, so I decided to break my journey for the night.

I’ve not been to Exeter for over thirty years, so it was interesting to see it again. It was heavily bombed during WWII, and has been rather unsympathetically rebuilt. By which I mean there are some real architectural monstrosities mixed in with the older buildings. But the Cathedral survived pretty much unscathed, and there are still substantial parts of the medieval walls on the original Roman foundations. I enjoyed wandering through the Cathedral Close on my way to dinner.

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