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An afternoon at Eastnor Castle

Eastnor Castle

Eastnor Castle is the local stately home on the Herefordshire side of the hills (Madresfield Court is the equivalent on the Malvern side), and I live not far from the back gate of the Eastnor Estate – close enough to get annoyed by the loud music from the regular festivals they hold in the Deer Park. Last year, for the first time, the Estate Management provided us locals with a complimentary one-time family ticket to the castle and grounds, as an acknowledgement of the inconvenience they put us to. I took the opportunity to go to their Chilli Festival – I don’t even like chilli, but it was an interesting day out.

The Management seem to be fine-tuning their attitude to their long-suffering neighbours. They’ve clearly decided to be nice to us, but not too nice. This year I received another complimentary once-in-the-season ticket, but this time it was stamped in big red letters “Not Valid for Chilli Festival”. A bit of a shame, as that’s the most interesting event the castle holds, but it’s generally a near sell-out so I suppose they don’t want any free-loaders. So I looked for the next most interesting event they held, and decided to cash in this year’s ticket voucher last weekend, when the castle were holding a falconry event.

Birds of Prey at Eastnor Castle

The birds came from the International Birds of Prey Centre in Newent, Gloucestershire. I’ve never been there, though it’s really not far away at all. The team flew a number of different types – an eagle, a harris hawk, a kestrel, and a falcon. I found it really quite interesting, especially seeing how agile and graceful the birds were. The falcon was particularly impressive, the hawk flew at speed just inches above my head, and the eagle looked as if it was eyeing up some of the smaller children……. I watched the flying display, then headed into the Castle to have a look around the state rooms. Altogether, it was a good way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon, especially since it was at their expense not mine!

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  1. pauld | 6 July 2017 at 6:48 am | Permalink

    well the landed gentry do need to pacify the poor surfs by being nice to them occasionally BUT not to often or the poor wretches will get used to the idea of freebes 🙂

    … and of course as i’ve said before its not a real castle only a pseudo-castle put up ‘recently’ to boost ego of family who built it.