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Should have been more patient

Signs of purple on my aubretia

I mentioned a while back how disappointed I was with my aubretia – it was looking very sad and underwhelming compared to the purple spreads on the walls I pass regularly on my way to customer sites. But I think I wasn’t sufficiently taking into consideration the fact that I live on the top of a hill, and my growing season is regularly several weeks behind the rest of Malvern, let alone that of sunnier places well to the south of me.

Anyway, a month after I complained about the poor state of my aubretia, I looked out of the bathroom window and caught a distinct haze of purple out of the corner of my eye. OK, it’s still not as spectacular as I would like, but as my father points out, it’s on a north-facing wall and I need to be realistic in my expectations!

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  1. David A | 15 June 2013 at 6:20 pm | Permalink

    Aubretia does seem to be a sun-lover (seems happy even on hot dry walls with little soil) so it’s probably doing quite well under the circumstances.