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Lunch at the Inn at Welland

For the last several years, Christopher’s step-father, Peter, has spent a week or two over the summer visiting some friends of his in Wales. His way home back to Kent takes him pretty close to Malvern, usually passing through around lunch-time. So it seems a very good idea to meet up for a pub-lunch and a catch-up. It was an ideal excuse to go back to the Inn at Welland, which I have been pretty impressed by, so I booked us a table.

The menu looked delicious, as usual, but I didn’t manage to make the most of the opportunity offered, as it was just too hot to eat a huge meal. We sat outside on the decking and just had a sandwich and salad each, though I have to say it was very tasty. My “croque monsieur” wouldn’t have been recognised as such by the French, but was a cheese and ham toastie made with really good ham and a strong cheddar on what looked like home-made bread. Yummy! And the coffee was some of the nicest I’ve had for a long time (helped by the piece of chocolate fridge cake that was served with it!)

The field next door to the pub was full of caravans and camper vans for the Welland Steam Fair, and every so often our conversation was interrupted by a loud whistle from a traction engine. This evening there has been a steady trickle of steam-powered vehicles crawling down the hill past my house on their way home. I hope they haven’t got too far to go, because at the speed they’re going they’ll be lucky to get any significant distance before midnight!