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Lady Wot Lunches

This year’s Bidding Season has been particularly manic, and for the last two weeks I’ve been working simultaneously on two bids. Either of them could easily be a full-time job, so juggling delivering both of them in parallel, whilst maintaining a semblance of working part-time, has been somewhat challenging, and I’ve built up a fair bit of both over-time and flexi-time credit.

I got into work this morning expecting to do some last-minute fire-fighting on at least one of the bids, only to find that they both seemed pretty much under control, at least for now. They’ve got to be reviewed and signed off (or otherwise) by senior management, and until they’ve read and commented on the documents there’s not a huge amount more that I can do in the meantime. So I tidied up some loose ends, and was able to take the afternoon off as Time Off In Lieu.

I took myself off for lunch at the Fig Tree, a little restaurant in town that Chris and I used to enjoy going to. Christine the proprietor always makes me feel very welcome, and there are newspapers provided so I can sit over a leisurely meal and read the paper. I just had a light lunch of a salad with fish fillets, followed by a slice of yummy carrot cake and a cup of coffee. It was very tasty and made a really nice change from a sandwich at my desk, which is all I’ve had time for over the past few weeks.

I think it’s important that I try to be nice to myself occasionally, and have the odd treat – particularly when I’ve been working hard. I don’t think I’d want to be a “Lady what lunches” very often. But it’s nice to do so every now and then.