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Frustrating Fireworks

Eastnor Castle held its annual fireworks competition last night. I realised during the late afternoon that something was up at the castle, as there was more traffic than usual crawling down the hill past my house. It wasn’t too bad during the evening, as I had music on quite loud which drowned out any noise from the castle estate. But I really wanted an early night, as I had a stinking headache and was still tired after a very long day at a customer site on Thursday. That clearly wasn’t going to happen – I could hear every explosion, and there were lots of them! And some pretty big fireworks too, by the sound of it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t actually see any of the fireworks from the house or garden (I did go outside to check, since I clearly wasn’t going to get any sleep until they finished). Although my house lies just outside the Eastnor estate, and close enough to get the full audio experience from events in the Deerpark, there’s a huge great hill in the way so it’s impossible to see anything. Frustrating! If I’d realised earlier that it was happening, I’d have bought a ticket on the grounds of “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em”. They ought to offer discounts to their neighbours though, as we do have to put up with quite a lot.