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Trying to limit the spam

As I mentioned a few days ago, an upgrade to my spam filter in WordPress has gone horribly wrong, leaving me without any spam protection at all. And I’m now getting dozens of spam comments per day, filling up my in-box and taking more time and effort to deal with than I want to expend. Many of the spam comments are on very old blog posts. For some reason “A day out at Croft Castle”  from over two years ago seems to be a favourite target for the spammers! Goodness alone knows why.

Anyway, in an attempt to limit the amount of spam I get (another three just while I’ve been typing this post!) I’m going to try automatically closing my blog posts to comments after 14 days. That shouldn’t inconvenience any of my regular commentators, as you all post comments within a few days of a post going up. Please don’t stop commenting, as I do enjoy reading real comments – just not spam!  I’ll see if this measure gets the spam levels down to something that’s more manageable. If not, I’ll have to think again.

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  1. paulD | 3 May 2012 at 1:07 pm | Permalink

    well i’ve just filed complaint with information commisioners office re a dubious legal company sending me spam to mobile !

    must have too much time on my hands 🙂