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More work needed in the garden

I was showing Tom and Katie around “the estate” at the weekend, as they haven’t been here since I’ve had the structural engineering done in the garden. It’s quite interesting seeing it through someone else’s eyes – there is such a difference from how it was before that it’s really quite impressive.

We went right up to the top terrace to get a view down over the house and garden, and it was there that I made a most unwelcome discovery. The fencing at the top of the garden is falling down – it’s in really bad condition and it looks like all the fence panels need completely replacing. In fact it looks like it’s been vandalised by someone kicking in the panels, though I dare say it could just be the weather as there’s been some heavy winds recently. It was fine last time I was up there a few weeks ago, but now it clearly needs significant work. I’ve arranged for someone to come around tomorrow to give me a quote for replacing the fencing. Annoying, but unfortunately necessary.

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  1. Carol | 9 March 2012 at 12:15 pm | Permalink

    How many contractor-free days this time?