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A lesson learned the hard way

It was a real struggle to get out of bed when my alarm went off today, and if I had known what the morning had in store for me, I think I’d have just turned over and gone back to sleep!

There was a very hard frost, and the car was completely iced up. So before I could head off to work this morning I had to de-ice it. I set the engine running, with the heater on full blast directed onto the windscreen, and turned on the de-mister on the rear window to soften the ice. Then I set to work on the side windows with the scraper. In order to get enough strength behind the scraper on the driver’s side window, I leaned on the door, which shut – and promptly locked itself! And I’ve got central locking, so all the doors locked.

So now the key was in the ignition, with the engine running, locked inside the car so I couldn’t get to it. Worse, the house was locked up with the alarm set, and the house keys were in my handbag, which was on the front passenger seat. So I was locked out of both the house and the car! I said – or rather, shouted with great feeling – a very rude word indeed, then considered what on earth I could do next.

I did have my mobile phone in my pocket, but there was no point calling the RAC to break into the car, as I only have roadside and recovery, not home start. But fortunately my next door neighbour has a spare key to my house, so that she can keep an eye on it while I’m away. I tore across the road and hammered on her door, hoping that she hadn’t already gone out for the day! She has retired, so there was a good chance that she’d still be in at 09:30. Her dog went bananas at the frantic woman hammering on the door, and thankfully she was in, and able to loan me back my spare set of keys.

So then I had to let myself back into the house, and find Christopher’s set of car keys, which haven’t been used for over two years. What a good job I’d put them somewhere sensible so could find them relatively quickly. I used those to let myself into the car, to rescue both my car keys and the house keys, then locked both up again and returned the spare keys to my neighbour. Then I still had to finish de-icing the car – but I made sure I kept the driver’s door open as I did so!

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  1. pauld | 10 December 2012 at 7:03 pm | Permalink

    Well I had to scrape the inside of my wifes car windscreen the other day, then clean up all the ice off the dashboard. As for central locking, well thats an audi design feature, never works properly 🙂

  2. David A | 10 December 2012 at 8:53 pm | Permalink

    That does seem like a teensy design flaw…

    We once had a battered old Montego, which had what we called “decentralised locking” – i.e. all the doors unlocked automatically, but wouldn’t lock again automatically, so you had to walk round all 4 doors and manually check each one every time you got out… though at least the chances of somebody being mad enough to steal that kind of car were slim 😉

  3. pauld | 11 December 2012 at 2:49 pm | Permalink

    Actually i remember an Audi A6 i had with dodgy central locking, go round a right bend drivers door would unlock, left bend it would lock. So allways had to out of Malvern site correct way so I could throw car round the roundabout and be sure door was unlocked if i got stopped at gate, otherwise i’d have to climb out passenger side to see guard 🙂