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His poems/Librivox recordings live on

I posted last week about the Greek poem which had been haunting me as I tried to get to sleep, and about how Christopher’s Librivox recordings were living on even after his death, I suppose giving him some kind of immortality, like Heraclitus’ poems.  Today I got a blog comment from a teacher:

“For the past three years I have used Chris’ recording of the poem “Dulce Et Decorum Est” on to teach my literature students World War I poetry. I clicked on his contact link on the site because I wanted to thank him for recording such a powerful reading of the poem; my students are always moved by his voice. I was saddened to read that Chris died, but I wanted to let his family and friends know that his voice has held the attention of hundreds of my students thus far.”

I think that makes the point very eloquently! Chris would have been so pleased to know that he was helping to introduce a new generation of students to first world war poetry, and indeed his Librivox poems are living on.

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