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A trip to the cinema

When I was tidying up recently I found a voucher entitling me to money off a ticket at the Malvern cinema. I’ve no idea how long I’ve had it, as I really don’t remember what I tore it out from. But it had no expiry date on it so I reckoned it would still be valid.

I was keen to do something over the weekend, as I really do not want to spend any more time sitting around thinking than is absolutely necessary right now. So I decided to cash in the voucher, by going to see the Sunday matinée showing of latest (and final) Harry Potter film which is currently playing in Malvern.

It was a good job I’d read the book, because the film started immediately after the last one left off – and I hadn’t seen Part I. Christopher and I did watch all the previous films in the series, but when Part I came to Malvern last November I wasn’t yet up to taking myself off to the cinema. So I would have been completely lost if I hadn’t known roughly what the plot outline was. I can’t say it was particularly enjoyable as such – it was very dark, and a bit heavy-handed on the messianic message in places. But I’m pleased I made the effort to go.