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{ Monthly Archives } September 2011

Foundation Deposits

The combination of having a large number of deep holes in my garden, and a jar full of Christopher’s ashes was too great an opportunity to ignore. So I have deposited some of his ashes in the garden, where they have subsequently been concreted in place and become part of the foundations of the new […]

More useless customer service

This month’s A Mammoth Undertaking prize for insensitive customer service goes to……. cue drumroll…… The telephone land-line was, like all our utilities, in Christopher’s name. So this time last year I spoke to BT, explained that he was dead, and got it moved into my name. So far, so good – no dramas, and […]


My holiday already seems a long time ago. Four days back at work, including an extra-long day at our Hampshire headquarters, are quickly turning it into a distant memory.  So, before I completely forget about it, I should like to put on record one of the highlights of the trip, Dubrovnik. BA flies from Gatwick […]

The garden: work in progress

As a reminder, this is what my garden looked like before work started on it. The concrete slabs are held in place solely by friction and gravity, and the so-called fence was absolutely lethal – very fragile and barely able to hold up the weight of the honeysuckle and clematis that were growing over it, […]

Unwanted water features

The builders turned up on time on Tuesday, and have spent the last three days digging a series of large holes in my garden, which the steel I-beams will be concreted into. They have shifted literally tons of soil, clay and rock. In just about every hole they have dug so far, they have found […]