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Write to your MP about the Digital Economy Bill

First, some context about the Bill. It is full of controversial measures. For example it provides for disconnection from the Internet if a content provider simply accuses someone of infringing copyright. Another example is the designation of public Wifi hotspot providers as private subscribers instead of common carriers, which means that they must either inspect traffic to be sure it is legal, or stop providing the service. If they came to pass, both of these examples would be terrible for the future of a Digital Britain. And the worst thing is that the Government proposes to rush this Bill through the House without proper scrutiny, allowing for only two hours of debate. That is scandalous.

I’ve just written to my MP telling them why I am concerned that the Digital Economy Bill could be rushed through without a full Parliamentary debate. Will you write to your MP too and tell them why the government shouldn’t rush through these draconian laws. It only takes two minutes. Or you can take a little longer and add a personal touch your letter to your MP, as I did.

Thank you.