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Passing on the family heirlooms

Chris didn’t come from the sort of family who had £43M Chinese vases sitting on the bookcase, but he did have a few things belonging to his grandmothers which he strongly believed should be kept in the family. Indeed, he explicitly left them to his sister in his Will. So today I met up with Sophie and her husband for lunch, and handed them over. There was a carriage clock which had originally belonged to their paternal grandmother, and two paintings which their other grandmother had made, one being of their mother Sally as a teenager. Christopher and Sophie had very few mementos of their mother, who died before we got married, so I think Sophie was particularly touched to be left that.

I feel very pleased that I’ve been able to deal with that bequest, and I know that the pictures have gone to a good home where they belong and will be cherished. But I do have a couple of blank spaces on the wall now which I shall want to fill, so I think I might make a trip to my local art shop come picture framers at the weekend to choose something suitable…..