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Cycle 3 week 2 update

After last weekend’s excitement, this week has been much less stressful. The nausea has been well controlled, but I haven’t slept well, although it hasn’t stopped me getting things done.

The consultant gave me a clean bill of health on Monday, so we were able to get home in the morning, having stayed overnight in Cheltenham, thanks to Richard’s parents’ generosity and kindness. Sunday was a nauseous day, but Monday and Tuesday were less bad, and on Wednesday we tweaked my anti-nausea prescription, going back to the old drug at double the dose. That seems to be working. I can’t say that my stomach feels completely normal, but the abnormal feelings it generates are easily tolerated and so I am content.

The consultant, on the other hand, is still worried about last Sunday’s events. His take is that it means there is something going on in my body that he doesn’t understand, and sooner or later it may interfere with my treatment. So this week’s CT scans of my chest were extended to include shots of my head. Whoopee! I get to see proof that I have a brain! I think the consultant is looking for evidence of things pressing on my brain. I hope he doesn’t find any…

I upgraded my camera last week, and this week I’ve been preparing to sell the old one and four lenses on ebay. That involved a heap of “product” photography, which was fun, and learning how to do my first ebay auction from the seller’s side. It seems to have gone reasonably well, as three of the five items have sold so far for the price I hoped to get. The other two items still have more than five days to run, and are people are showing considerable interest in them. Fingers crossed for the rest of this week.

And speaking of the new camera, I took it out to Madresfield Court today, for their annual Daffodil Sunday event. It could be considered a bit of a damp squib, because there were no daffodils at all this year; they’ve been horribly delayed by the unseasonably cold Winter we’ve all endured. But there were hosts of crocuses, and I had great fun trying to take impressionistic photos of them. Here’s my favourite from the day:

Purple, green, and white are Suffragette colours.

You can find others in the Photo Impressions set in my Flickr stream.

My weight seems stable at 11st 8lb (162 lb); my appetite is good, and I’m enjoying cooking. I have a little back pain which inhibits my sleep a little, but it doesn’t seem to have dampened my enthusiasm for life too much. I’m looking forward to a massage tomorrow, which may help. It has been a really good week altogether, contrary to that presaged by last weekend’s events. This coming week looks exciting too. More news as it develops.