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Via Conscientious I saw this poster. I can’t imagine what good the police think it will do. The number of false positives alone is likely to use up a huge amount of time. Perhaps the perpetrator of the campaign should be indicted for wasting police time.

Allow me to clarify. How many terrorists are there in Great Britain? One hundred? One thousand? I don’t know, but 1000 seems on the high side. How many of them would be stupid enough to use a camera suspiciously and openly? Now ask yourself how many busybodies, or even public spirited citizens who have been scared by the Government’s misguided demonization of Muslims, will think they have seen something suspicious that should be reported. Every day. It’ll be chaos. I give it a month for the problems to become evident, and six months before they abandon the campaign. It’ll only be that long to save someone’s face.

What a farce!